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The Book that Scared Me

Recently, I read a book that actually scared me.

Ok, not in the same way that spiders or horror films scare me. Scared in a completely different way.

Because this book has the real potential to not only help you achieve things that you wouldn’t think were even possible, but also can simulteniously cause a lot of pain for the world. The techniques it reveals and uses are like explosives. They can be really great for mining granite from a huge quarry or can blow up enitre cities; it simply depends how you use them.

And I’m not saying that this book is inherently evil because you can actually create really good things out of what you learn. It simply is a matter of where you draw the line of what’s moral and what’s not.

Yet this book blurs that line. A lot. You’ll see why.

To understand why, though, we are going to first look at certain belief I have (that I wouldn’t be suprised if you share), why I have them, and then how those beliefs interact with this book.

Oh, and what is this book? It’s a sales book called Dot Com Secrets1, and it’s all about how to get larger sales with an online platform.

And I’m sharing this with you that way you not only have the knowledge to help make your daily life better, but also to put up your guard whenever you see that you might be the customer with one of these “secrets” being used on you.

  1. Brunson, R. (2015) Dot Com Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online… New York, NY: Morgan James Publishing. 

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