For trombone choir

B.E.A.M. is not for sale.

Commissioned by Eric Heidner for the 2019 Central Coast Trombone Day, B.E.A.M. features Alex Iles, Bill Booth, Eric Heidner, Mark Miller on trombone with a trombone choir accompaniment. In short, lots of trombones.

The B.E.A.M. performance was the final event of the day, and all trombonists sightread the piece.

Completion date

October 2019. Commissioned by Eric Heidner for the Central Coast Trombone Day.

Fun facts

  • B.E.A.M. stands for "Bill", "Eric", "Alex", and "Mark", the names of each of the featured trombonists
  • The full title is "B.E.A.M. Me Up, Scotty" as an inside joke to Star Trek


Featured Quartet:

  • Trombone 1-3
  • Bass trombone

Trombone Choir:

  • Trombone 1-6
  • Bass trombone 1-2