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Create and share music

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Everyone deserves to make the best music possible with Finale but there's a problem… it's a pain to learn! It's cumbersome. It's confusing. No one has given you a solid work flow so you're probably working way too hard to do just add an accent. Yuck! Luckily, there's a better way.

With Finale Superuser, you can learn to write music the way the pros do: quickly, efficiently, and without sacrificing quality. In fact in Finale, there's the slow way, and there's the fast way. And the fast way usually creates better results, too! And you can learn all the tips and tricks by either watching the YouTube videos or reading the blog.

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Parts & Score

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Over 100 composers from around the world use Parts and Score. Why? This sheet music distributor has the highest royalties. The fastest payouts. The best user interface. And the most detailed analytics. Everything that was hard is now easy.

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