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Adjust reference width

Updates the music's reference width. Great for adjusting the layout of the measures to ensure proper page turns and keep the last system for only having one measure. See my OF NOTE post for more details.

JW Lua script selector

With a simple shortcut, run any JW Lua script you've installed. Just type ⌘ + ; (command + semicolon), and type in the name of the script to the search box. It has autocomplete, so you can type any part of the script name and it will complete the name for you.

Move dynamics

These are two macros that align and move the dynamics up and down a bit. It uses the default TG Tools “Align/Move Dynamics” plug-in. If you have the full version of TG Tools, use that instead.

Move to layers

Ever wanted to quickly move music from layer 1 to layer 2? Now you can with this simple macro. You can also move music from layer 2 to layer 1. Just hit opt + shift + “layer” to move the music to that layer (e.g. opt + shift + 1 to move music from layer 2 to layer 1).

Score system divider

Automatically places a score system divider on the page. While it is easy to do by hand, you can use this macro as a “sub macro” for your larger macro that prepares the score/parts

Simple entry tool

This macro selects the simple entry tool in repitch mode while simultaneously closing the note durations menu that appears automatically. That frees up space on your screen and gives you a handy keyboard shortcut.

Space systems evenly suite

When finalizing the layout in Finale, you can use these macros to quickly space the systems how you wish. Each one has a slightly different function.

  • Space all systems without changing the number of systems on each page
  • Space X systems on each page
  • Space the max number of systems on each page
  • Space X systems on the current page

Swap layers 1-2

Swaps layers 1 and 2.

Switch between layers

These are macros that change the default keyboard shortcut to switch between layers to option + “layer” (e.g. opt + 1 goes to layer one). This is far less awkward to type.

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What is Keyboard Maestro?

Keyboard Maestro is a macOS application that let's you automate almost anything with just a keypress. It's like FinaleScript, but infinitely more powerful and about 100x faster. You can find more about the app at

Getting started with Keyboard Maestro

Quick disclaimer

These macros are not production quality. They may have bugs (though I do try to get most out). If you have issues, contact me. I may not have the time to fix any bugs, but I can't if I don't know about them!

Also, I'm not responsible for any adverse consequences. It's freeware after all!