Keyboard Maestro Macros

Table of Contents

For more automation in Finale, checkout my YouTube Channel, Finale Superuser, and my JW Lua Scripts.

Adjust Reference Width

Updates the music's reference width. Great for adjusting the layout of the measures to ensure proper page turns and keep the last system for only having one measure.

Move Dynamics

These are two macros that aligns and moves the dynamics up and down a bit. It uses the default TG Tools "Align/Move Dynamics" plug-in. If you have the full version of TG Tools, use that instead.

Score System Divider

Automatically places a score system divider on the page. While it is easy to do by hand, you can use this macro as a "submacro" for your larger macro that prepares the score/parts

Space Systems Evenly Suite

When finalizing the layout in Finale, you can use these macros to quickly space the systems how you wish. Each one has a slightly different function.

Swap Layers 1-2

Swaps Layers 1 and 2