Salvation is Created


Tbn 1-3, Euph (Or any combination of the two)
October 2015
Sheet Music

Originally written by Pavel Chesnokov, this version of Salvation is Created is for a combinations of trombones and euphoniums. While the music specifies 3 trombones and 1 euphoniums, this is purely for a change in timbre. This emulates the original where the sopranos and altos take over the melody from the tenors and basses. Any compination of trombones and euphoniums can be used, provided that whoever plays the 3rd Trombone part can reach the low E♭.

Chesnokov was a religious composer in the late 1800's and early 1900's who turned to composing secular works because of a Soviet mandate. This is one of his last religious works but unfortunately was never able to hear it performed; several years after he died, his children were able to listen to it. The original vocal text are as follows:

Russian: Спасение соделал еси посреде земли, Боже. Аллилуия.
English: Salvation is made in the midst of the earth, O God. Alleluia.