Night on Bald Mountain and the 1812 Overture


Fl, Bb Cl, Bs Cl, Ten Sax, Bar Sax, Tpt, Tbn, Bar BC, Tba, Perc
February 2013
Sheet Music

Each year in my high school, our band does something called Battle of the Band (I shorten it to BOTB). This is when each section performs a "mini marching band show," and it is completely meant for fun. For winter of 2013, the directors decided to go by grade level instead of by section, and my grade decided to perform these two pieces along with "Funky Town" (which I did not arrange, so I don't have). "Funky Town" went in between the two parts in the video as comic relief.

Like I said, this was done by grade level, so this arrangement is not for an entire band, but rather for what instruments we had available to use. Also, some of the pieces are simplified (yes, simplified flutes and clarinets) from the original to cope with the playing levels of our musicians, and to make it easier to march to.

If you haven't heard either of these pieces before, I highly recommend you listen to them in full:

Night on Bald Mountain

1812 Overture