Journey Along the River Shore


Violin I
Violin II
February 2016
Perusal Score

While walking along a lagoon one day after an intense writing session, the idea for the very start of the piece popped into my head. The piece was originally conceived as a short two- or three-minute idea, but as I kept writing, it became clearly evident that it had room to grow. So I kept writing. Like most compositions I have done thus far, the end result is nothing like I anticipated but far better than expected.

The piece itself has three main sections. In the first, several ideas are presented: the initial idea, a melody on the cellos, a third one presented by the violas, and several more motifs and fragments. After a recapitulation of the themes, this first section culminates with a large, full choral that sharply contrasts the second section. Here, three main ideas are played with: the pizzicato texture, a new melody on the cellos (the only melody in this section), and the tremolo motif. Ending with the same choral as before, the piece transitions into the third section where all the ideas from the first section are recapped yet again, but none in their original forms.