Random stuff I've done over the years.

Mazuk Music, a premium sheet music publisher that benifits composers and musicians Instrumental Practice Tracks, several videos to practice along to Nothing But Ads, this is called an ad for a site full of ads


Breakout, a version you can play right here in your browser Pong, and you thought pong was easy; wait for level 15 Brick, an existential game about you and a brick; perfect for English class

Coding Stuff

Day of the Week, learn to know what day of the week a day is, including December 21, 2027 Fast Coder, coding isn't that hard, you can code fast, too Greenlight, a simple light that will predict your thoughts Password, can you guess this password? It keeps changing Password Helper, nothing to do with Password, but can help yours Traveling Salesman, an algorithm that "solves" the problem

Maths Stuff

Game of Life with 2 Species, Conway's game of life with two species 3D Revolutions, see equations being revolved around an axis