Update July 2016
Posted on July 14, 2016

As you may have noticed if you have been here before is a massive site update. There are several great features that came about with the update including far better navigation across the site, easier access to the information you are probably looking for, and the site is now more focused and complete. Below outline some of these changes in more detail:

Logical Organization

Most likely if you are visiting this site, it is either to learn more about me or to contact me. With this in mind, the homepage is set up to help better introduce what I do and why I do it. Additionally, the links at the bottom direct you to different spots in the site as well as providing a way to contact me.

And with that in mind, I’ve added both an about page and a resources page to the site. To get to either one, just click on the links in the upper right corner of any page. The about page is self-explanatory. Even though I no longer have a science or theory page (more on that later), I compiled what I completed into the resources page. This way all the resources I make for other people can be found in one succinct place.

Friendly User Experience

One of the things I have focused on quite a bit while redoing the site was making sure that whoever visits the site can find what they want in the easiest way possible. And because of this, I removed quite of bit of the fancy graphics that while looked cool, were counter productive.

One instance was the ways in which I displayed the articles that was a cool box with just the title (which had to be like 2 words for aesthetic reasons) a subtitle, the author and the date published. I realized that this meant you knew almost nothing about the article!

Now, when you go through the articles page, you see all that plus the introduction paragraph. Additionally, all the articles (and all future ones) are tagged and can be searched from that page making it easy to find the one you are after.

Geeky Note: The new articles page is also far easier to update than the old one. Good for you and good for me. Oh, by the way, these also no longer move as you scroll, which I felt was actually more distracting than helpful.

This isn’t, though, the only instance of this. On the homepage there are now buttons that naturally guide you through the page until the end, making it more clear that there is content that you can scroll to.

Additionally, the contact page is a very simple and clean form that is easy to use. If you ever used the old one, you’ll remember that it was long and complicated and felt like one of those 100 question research surveys. Now, it feels just like an email without having to sign in.

Improved Visuals

I know I just explain how I cut out some cool visuals, but those ones I cut because they detracted from the user experience. Just look at the homepage again to see how I think good visuals can be both visually appealing and beneficial to the user experience.

Why the Change?

As you may have noticed throughout the rest of the article, I have been referring to you, the user, many times. That is because I believe while my website helps me, in reality, it is all about you! I already know all my compositions and everything there is to know about me (ok, maybe not everything) and I already have access to my resources. The main reason for my website is to you, the user, have access to all of this. So the better I can make your experience, the better my site is.

So speaking of which, if there is anything you would like to see, miss, or really like from the recent update, let me know.

By the way

I did get rid of both the theory and science sections in the most recent update. The main reason is that I there are many other resources out there that are already better than what I could do (unless I make this my fulltime job). These sites include:

There are also many other websites that deal with music theory and the science of sound and music if you wish to explore more. However, while I no longer have dedicated portions of my site devoted to theory and science, I will be including those topics in future articles. The plus side is that gives me many more options of what I can write about in the articles section. So expect many more in the future!