Lots of Change
Posted on January 4, 2018

Happy New Year!

As you may have noticed, there has been quite a bit of change to my site and what I’m doing. Rather than writing a nice cohesive post about all the changes, I’ll just write a list of all of them to make it easier to read (and write).

Introducing Mazuk Music

Didn’t you already have Mazuk Music?

Yes, yes I did. But it’s different now.

I was doing some research about getting music published learned that there isn’t a publisher that gives composers a decent deal. For instance, in the movie industry (not music), the agent gets 10% while the actor gets 90%. That’s not the same with music. Most places give the composer anywhere between 30% and 50%.

I decided to change that.

Instead of being my personal website, Mazuk Music is now the site for my sheet music publishing company, Mazuk Music. Anyone can publish with Mazuk Music for free. To find out more, visit that site.

Why a New Domain?

Simply put, Mazuk Music was already a great name for a publishing company. I had already registered it as a publisher with ASCAP, so I wouldn’t need to register a new one. Using that name also saved me some paperwork (and money) to make it a company. Since I already had that domain, it made more sense for me to move my personal site to a new domain.

Hence nickmazuk.com.

Why the New Design?

Sure, I could have kept the old design. But I felt it was time for a change. This is partly because of the split between this site and Mazuk Music.

  1. The old logo wouldn’t work well (it’s says Mazuk Music)
  2. The old design doesn’t have the best user experience (there’s some quirks with text spacing and visual heirarchy)
  3. The old colors are frankly hard to design with (they look cool on their own, but for other things…)
  4. The function is different (why not reflect that in the design?)

And this might be a tough decision for some of you as well. So let’s quickly take a quick look at the old logo for the last time, together.

What’s New?

What’s Gone?

Nothing! (I think).

What to expect?

Expect more stuff coming out as usual. I have a couple new pieces coming out in the next month or so, so look out for that.

Expect this site to be more than music. These articles are going to become more of a blog format, and I’ll be talking about more than just music.

Expect a lot communication about what I’m doing. Hence posting my schedule as well as putting up all my projects (music and whatnot) on the site.

And as usual, if don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list to get all the updates.