Metamorphosis is a Finalist of Composition Competition
Posted on September 21, 2017

You may remember a couple weeks ago that I released my newest piece, Metamorphosis. Well, I submitted it to the Christopher Bill Composition Competition and it has reached the final round. I don’t know yet if it has won or not, but you can find out on October 7 with me. Christopher Bill is going to play the winning composition on his YouTube channel.

So what kind of competition is it? Well, it’s a competition to write a new and original piece for a trombone ensemble. No arrangements or old compositions allowed. Anyone is allowed to enter, regardless of age or whether you play trombone or not. Of all the submissions, only nine were chosen as finalists.

Christopher Bill is a New York based trombonist who makes videos of popular music on YouTube. Among his most popular videos is an arrangement of Let it Go from Frozen and a trombone loop of Pharrell Williams’ Happy, both of which have well of a million views each.

So that should be everything you need to know. Like before, you can always listen Metamorphosis here.