Music Now Available on Sheet Music Plus
Posted on March 7, 2017

Starting today, several pieces of mine are available for sale at Sheet Music Plus. These include:

Several other works of mine should be up soon as well.

What is Sheet Music Plus?

It’s an online music retailer that has the largest collection of music in the world. They work with some of the largest music publishers including Hal Leonard and Alfred Music. Because they have over 1 million pieces, many people buy music through them.

But along with big publishers, they work with individual composers (like me) and sell their music. Essentially, composers create the music, and Sheet Music Plus will take care of selling it, distributing it, and paying the composer. Musicians can then buy the music digitally.

What does this mean?

Everything else about this my music is going to stay as it is. Recordings of every piece will still be uploaded to this site for viewing, perusal scores will still be available, and they will both be free.

The only difference is that now, if you wish to play any of my pieces, the parts are available for purchase.