I'm Nick Mazuk and I create music. As a trombonist and composer, I craft memorable music that form emotional connections with my listeners.

As a composer, I've done arrangements for the Division Brass Quintet, Santa Barbara Youth Symphony, Ojai Pops Orchestra, as well as the Santa Barbara Trombone Society. My work has also gotten several awards, including being a finalist in the Christopher Bill Composition Competition and being a 3-time Corwin Award recipient. I deal mainly with instrumental music, and orchestra is my bread and butter.

As a trombonist, I've played all around the country, including Indianapolis, Eugene, and Bellingham. I've also performed with some of the best players in the industry: Joe Alessi, Bob McChesney, Bill Reichenbach, Robert Soto, James Miller, and so many more. I've also taken lessons and gotten tens of masterclasses. I do my best to play all styles of music that trombone can offer, from the most conservative Gabrielli to the incredibly modern Donald Erb, and every classical and popular style there is.

Furthermore, I really believe in sharing knowledge about music. I believe that everyone has the capability to produce great music. That's why I started Build Better Music, Finale Superuser, and is a contributing author for OF NOTE.

And all this while still in college. I'm currently attending college at UC Santa Barbara for composition and trombone performance. Because I am double majoring in music, most of the time outside of classes consists of either writing music or practicing. I do have free time where I undertake other adventures, but I personally really like working on music.

But for those times when I am not doing music, I am very much a math and science person. I really enjoy pure math, physics, and coding. For instance, I coded this website. But what I've always found was fascinating was how much these fields relate to music, both directly and indirectly.

My Story

  • Was a finalist in the Christopher Bill Composition Competition.
  • Participated in the Honor Band of America, a national honor band in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • I got a copy of an AP Music Theory textbook (which wasn't offered at my school) and read the entire thing in about a month. Then after a couple small writing excercises, I wrote my first piece. It was a piano piece titled Inspiration.
  • Started taking trombone lessons with Sean Pawling. I continued taking lessons with him for 2.5 years until I went to college.
  • I was selected to play in the Chapman Honor Band.
  • I joined the high school band where we played Symphony No. 1 "Lord of the Rings" by Johan de Meij for our marching band show. This is one of the pieces that inspires me constantly.
  • I started playing trombone when I was in 6th grade. Trombone was actually my second choice because the band just got a shiny, new baritone. But now looking back, I made the right choice.
  • When I was in kindergarten, I started playing piano. I took lessons until I switched to trombone in 6th grade, but that doesn't mean I was good. I'll admit it: I never practiced.